The Journey

The Journey is a powerful healing process that was pioneered by Brandon Bays .

In 1992 Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a tumour which healed in only six and a half weeks without drugs and surgery.

From her personal experience she developed a unique process called The Journey, which helps people to experience profound emotional and physical healing at a cellular level.

Brandon’s work has developed all over the world and is introduced in the

School programme in South Africa. Visit where you can also watch a little film with witnesses and see and hear Brandon herself.

The Journey helps you discover and resolve issues which may have been in place for most of your life. It enables you to get in touch with your own wisdom and free yourself from limiting emotional blocks and destructive patterns.

During Brandon’s pioneering process she accessed specific cell memories and discovered how to resolve and release the issues she had been holding on to subconsciously. This freedom allowed her to begin living as an expression of her true higher self.

Many of our personality traits or patterns are “learned” at early age. Once they are in place we tend to attract to ourselves experiences that confirm our negative beliefs about ourselves. Through Journey work you discover and release these.

How the Journey can help you:

Have you ever tried to let go of an issue and yet no matter what you have done, how hard you have tried, it still keeps coming up for you? The Journey can finally set you free!

The Journey takes you to the very core of your issue, revealing the underlying cause. It will guide you directly to memories stored in the cells. Once these memories have been uncovered they can be completely resolved and released allowing the body to start healing at the cellular level. The results are profound and lasting and in addition you take with you a unique and comprehensive set of tools which you can use to transform all areas of your own life, and the lives of those you love.

In a one-to-one session, the Journey Process offers you the chance to rest deeply and profoundly in the presence of your own inner stillness and body wisdom and from that place you will clear out a whole range of old emotional issues and limiting beliefs.

No two processes are the same. How profound your experience of healing is, depends on your willingness to “feel” and release your emotions.

The guiding practioner can only guide you to discover your own truth and offer you the tools to resolve your issues and let them go. In truth you do all the work yourself; it’s your own personal journey.

A single process can create a huge opening into Grace and is a life changing experience for some. Others find they need a series of sessions for their experience to deepen more gradually. Everyone is different, each process is unique.

Brandon and most practioners agree that with a series of 3 processes a real important shift will take place. If one would like to go into a deep process this is certainly what I would advise.

To know the method in depth we advise you to read the beautiful book “The Journey” by Brandon Bays. Publisher: Element books