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Welcome for a contact via skype.
Now that we are in a time where there is more silence for many of us, this is an ideal time to reflect on ourselves, to care for ourselves. We are almost obliged to meet ourselves. What does this isolation do to us? Are we disoriented? Have we lost our direction? Do we feel trapped or
suffocated? Frustrated?
We all have emotions around the current events and we have more time to observe our emotions. What do we feel these days, which frustration,
which fear, or panic? Which old traumas reappear? How much loneliness
or how much longing for being alone if we live in a busy family, do we
What are we not able to hide any longer behind hyperactivity? What kind of shortcomings do we have? Which irritations and anger do we feel?
And what can we do with those emotions? Our emotions are beautiful and human, but we often don’t know how to handle them. If you like, I can help you to experience how much peace there is at the core of every emotion.
Through Skype we can explore your fears and phobias together, or find out the reasons for insomnia, depression, worry, and irritation, so that you experience more peace and well-being.
But I can also guide you in a beautiful transformation and growth process that takes you to your authentic self and your innate greatness.

I have recently been able to experience how well you can work very
personally through Skype and with the method of “The Healing Journey”,
which has my preference.
Downloading Skype into your apps is very simple. If in doubt, ask for help.
You see each other on the screen and the communication is very natural
and real.