The journey for kids and youngsters

The Journey is a marvellous method for kids and youngsters because they have an almost immediate access to specific memories that created a blockage or an emotional problem and even a physical one like asthma, allergies, intestinal problems and so on.

The kids Journeys are often about fears, that express themselves in fear of sleep, fear of ghosts, fear of death, fears to go to school, fears of stalking at school or on the internet. They can also highlight phobias, like phobia of water, of specific situations, of animals, of insects, and more.

Some kids and youngsters have of course relationship problems with parents, brothers or sisters, with some school friends, or with a new partner of a parent, or with a teacher, …..or some suffer from the loss of a family member or even a loved pet. The list is endless.

The Journey goes straight to the heart of the child. He/she finds in the process a new strength and for sure, more self-confidence.

A session takes about 1 hour and a half. In the first half hour we build up the relationship and the confidence.
It is preferable that one of the parents has done a Journey as well, in order to understand the child’s process.