Welcome to Innerview

Welcome to Innerview and the therapy of Hilda van Mulders

As a trained psychotherapist I can offer you guidance with emotional and psychosomatic issues as well as with life-questions and relationships.

My help will mainly be to lead you to free old memories, that can be conscious or not and thataffect the present behaviour patterns, emotions, fears, depressive states, relationships and even health. After liberating the cell-memories that are stored in our body, even after many years, healing and freeing will occur.

Through a long term experience in psychotherapy and coaching and my personal evolution, I like to include the power of the soul in the therapeutic process. In this way this source that everyone has inside him- or herself  takes over the therapeutic process and the therapist can than become the facilitator and instead of “the one who knows”. The power of the soul supports and gives security when we need to contact our deepest pains.

You will find a warm and attentive presence for your personal situation and issues with me. This empathy will help you to bring old issues again to the surface, by which we can heal them and clear the emotional charge that created a disturbance.

My intuition and experience are my strongest help when you would like to clear up an actual problem. Would you like to solve some issues in a more profound way than I would probably propose you to include one of my two favourite methods.

1) “Cutting Ties that Bind”   by Phyllis Krystal and

2) “The Journey”   by Brandon Bays

You will find more about these methods on my site