Who am I

love people.

I grew  up in Brussels where it was easy to become bilingual and had oftencontacts with English. I’m happy to offer my counselling to many English speaking foreigners in Belgium.

After my studies of psychology at the University of Gent I worked in a “Guidance Centre”, (centre de Santé Mentale). In this surrounding I learned a lot with my colleagues who mostly where psychoanalysts.

I became a therapist; first for children and afterwards for adults.

I followed training in short-term psychoanalytic therapy and later another one infamilytherapy.

I enjoyed my own family life and children as well as my profession.

I also love my hobbies of nature life and gardening, which balance the heaviness of the emotions of the clients.

 But slowly through my personal evolution I could not agree anymore with the long and too verbal and mental therapies, who don’t give enough space for the unconscious and the expression of emotions.

 I was happy to develop my own practice at my home, having the freedom to use all my creativity and intuition in this profession.

 I came than in contact with the method of Phyllis Krystal and English therapist who uses visualisations to come in contact with the unconscious. She called her method “Cutting the ties that Bind”. I love

to combine her approach with my own intuitive way in therapy. You will find more about this method on my website. 

 Since 2004 I came in contact with the book “The Journey” written by 

Brandon Bays, an American therapist. I was enthusiastic about the discovery of this method and followed the whole training in Holland and in England and I am a certified practitioner now. The approach of “The Journey” goes so much deeper in a short time than many other therapies. You will find more about this method on my website.